Dublin Buzz description

Here are some cool screen grabs of the running application to whet your appetite:
This is the opening screen, with all of the sights listed alphabetically.

Obviously, the main plus of using a mobile device is to be able to know your position. I live in Kilmainham and – with GPS on – I listed the sights by distance from my current location:

Note how the app lists everything in order of nearest to farthest. No more of that annoying situation when you’re visiting a city and of either missing a brilliant sight you happening to be 100 metres from, or travelling half way across the city to visit something, eh, disappointing. Now, you can list everything by distance, have a quick root around to see if it would interest you, perhaps pop off to their website to see when they’re open, then pop off to Google maps to find your way there. Frankly speaking, if this doesn’t spell the end of guide “books”, then I don’t know what will.

Dublin Buzz features pretty pictures of every sight you might want to see, to get a little taster of what to expect. Here’s Kilmainham Jail for instance:

If you’re not convinced by my short blurb, then you can quickly jump off to their own website instead…and if its a good website, like the Chester Beatty Library’s one, then it’ll display quite nicely in your browser:

Perhaps you like the look of something, but you’re thinking of doing it the next day. Then, Dublin Buzz lets you add sights to your list of favourites:

You can list all of your favourites at any time:

Still not convinced? Then you can also view different types of sight, for example historic, architectural, or go straight for a drinking expedition!

Finally, no quick description of Dublin Buzz could be complete without seeing where, exactly, the sight you want is. Google Maps (as long as you have it on your device) can do the hard work, while Dublin Buzz just adds a red dot to your target:

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